Weekly Post 11

This week I will write about Spitfire wheels. Formula Fours are, in my opinion, the best wheels you can get. They last the longest, they are very resistant to flat spots, they provide grip and control on all surfaces. They are quite expensive at around $40 but I love them so much. Other than Spitfire, Bones Wheels are the best. They also provide the same qualities but I just prefer Spitfire over bones. I also just love the sound wheels make when you power slide. Skateboarding is expensive but it is simple and they last long if you know what to get. Skateboarding is such an awesome sport. I hate scooters because they take no talent and 99% of all scooter kids think they are so cool when they are the complete opposite. They all just irritate me and I don’t have any respect for them unless they do like backflips into bowls or something crazy like that.


Digital Footprint Video

I liked the second video more because it showed more specific ways on how your personal information is shared such as creating accounts on websites. They are similar because they both somewhat describe the risks of having a digital footprint. Another way they are similar is that they have the topic of digital footprints. A way they are different is the second one calls the digital footprint something else and I just liked the second one a lot better.

The Invention of the Skateboard

In 1958, roller skates were attached to boards of wood, creating the first skateboards. No one person is credited to creating skateboarding but it was most likely invented by surfers who wanted to surf when the waves were flat.

From there on, companies made wood boards with metal skates attached. Skating slowly evolved, gaining better parts along the way. Not long after, skate competitions were being held in California as skating became popular. In the late 70’s, California’s drought made people drain their pools, letting for skaters to skate more and invent many new tricks.

In the 80’s, street skating evolved and many many more tricks were invented and companies become more popular. In the 90’s, skating got on ESPN and its popularity grew even more. Finally, in the 2000’s, skating has become more popular than ever and teens and even toddlers start to skate. Has skating made an impact on your life in any way?



For this week’s post I will be talking about how I started skating. When I moved to California for the first time the summer before 6th grade I got interested in skateboarding. I got a long board and learned to ride that and then wanted more so I bought a cheap  which was really a waste of money but I’m glad I got it because I may not have been into skating as much without it. I then decided to save up for a nice skateboard and bought one after my birthday and Christmas. For my first setup I got a Girl Skateboard Co. deck, Jessup Grip tape, Bone’s 100 wheels, Reds Bearings, Independent Trucks, and Shorty’s Hardware. I am very glad I got into skating and will definitely continue it.

Activity 9

A great advantage of having technology to communicate is that you can get information around way quicker and easier. IMessage is a great and fast way of communicating. I think that all of this technology can be a bad thing as well though. If someone were to find your password and personal info, they could see your messages or even send them to people you know. It seems pretty scary that people you may have never even seen before could do such horrible things to you.




For this post, I will write about my new skateboard that I am building and everything on and about it. I bought Spitfire Formula Fours for the new board I am building because they are simply the best wheels you can get, along with Bones Wheels. Inside of those wheels, I ordered a pair of Bones Super Reds Bearings, because for that price, these bearings are amazing. Bones Reds skateboard bearings are the only kind and the very best bearings I have ever had or ridden on.

Some of my friends have other types of bearings and they just aren’t as smooth and fast as these. For the deck, I got a Girl Skateboard Deck because they make great decks and I like the shape of them. Along with the Girl skateboard deck, I purchased Mob Griptape, the grippiest grip there is.

I haven’t bought hardware yet, the nuts and bolts that hold the trucks to the deck, but this is the cheapest thing on a skateboard so I’ll get them when I get my Independent Trucks.



For this week’s weekly post, I want to write about skating. Last weekend, we had a three-day weekend because of Easter. Me and my girlfriend, Emma went to our local mall and I decided to buy new wheels for my skateboard. I bought Conical Spitfire Formula Fours in 99 duro. I haven’t put them on yet because I haven’t fully used the wheels I have now. I currently have Classic Spitfire Formula Fours in 101 Duro and have absolutely loved them. My favorite wheels are Bones STF’s and Spitfire Formula Fours. They are very expensive, but when it comes to skating, you get what you pay for. These wheels I just got were $38, yeah I know its expensive but they are very superior to cheaper wheels.


Culture and Family Post


My family came to America when my great great grandparents on my dad’s side of the family moved here. I am not exactly sure why they chose to do this but it all ended up like that. My grandparents on my dad’s side are Croatian and Italian. My grandparents on my mom’s side are Irish, and I’m not sure what else.

My family doesn’t have many unique traditions besides things like family gatherings during holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Nobody lives very close to where we live so whenever we see family it is usually a big deal.

“Our family isn’t that exciting haha.”




Group A post: Activity 6

I made this picture using a website, WordArt. It lists a bunch of parts of a skateboard. To make one of these yourself, Click the link and then you type in every single word that you want to be in the picture. You can choose the size of the word, the color, the angle, the font, and even if you want it to repeat or not within the picture. I think that this website can be used.

Global Warming

Global warming is a huge deal. It is caused by all of us. Anything and everything you do such as driving a car, or flying in a plane, or anything that emmitts fumes of any sort contributes to global warming. Global warming needs to be stopped.


Global warming is obvious as to what it is. It is the average gradual temperature change of our planet Earth. Some do not even believe in global warming, calling it a “hoax” but with the evidence given, I think it has to be real. The Earth has risen between 0.4 and 0.8 °C over the past 100 years and I think it has to do with the daily things we do as humans.The increased volume of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released by the burning of fossil fuels, land clearing, agriculture, and other things we do, is all thought to contribute to global warming.


To help prevent global warming you may do several different things. Instead of driving to school, try riding your bicycle. Help plant trees! Conserve water! Everything you do helps.